Two In The Field
 (Based on: Matthew 24:40-42)

One day like any other
(As back in Noah's day)
Christ said He will return,
In a special way!
Two people may be working
In their field of hire…
One might lift her eyes above
And spot a Holy fire.
A fire that is enfolding,
Bright cloud of "Matthew" fame-
Rushing toward the hirelings
In Jesus' Holy name!
While one woman gathers
(Or stops to bend the ear)
It seems that she is missing
What the other "sees" and "hears."
That one who spies the Glory
And witnesses the Lord…
Is lifted from her labor
To till and slave no more!
We have not understanding
About this scene of awe;
But one thing I will tell you-
It's the GOSPEL without flaw!

~penned by lynn foust


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