There're no words to define it,
We just call it "LOVE."
The finest to be offered
From our Father up above!
We take it now for granted
And toss it all around...
Everyday we speak it,
But REAL LOVE can't be found!
Look inside the Bible;
That's where they do describe,
Exactly how to find it
(Can't buy it with a bribe!)
It's in every helping hand,
And loving parent's smile...
Deep inside an old one's heart,
Where their faith abides.
For sure, it's with a youngster,
Who's never learned to hate.
And love's inside each garden,
Just within the gate.
You must go and seek it;
Put out an "A.P.B..."
Then you may be surprised-
When God drops by for tea!

~penned by lynn foust

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