(Based on: Matthew 7:20)

If I had to make a list
Of people in our lives,
Who leave a deep impression
(As carved there by a knife…)

I'd have to use a notebook
"Five-subject" if you please,
To write down every entry
Of those who plant "good seeds!"

Strangers that we pass in life
Who share with us a smile
(Giving us a dose of Hope
To last a little while.)

Teachers which spend their time-
Helping others learn;
So we each can prosper
And help the world to "turn."

Those who choose to answer
Phones for "nine-one-one…"
Sending helpful expertise
To someone, on the run!

Counselors and Deacons.
Volunteers who share their time
(Unselfishly for others,
So someone else can shine.)

There are some who chastise
And use a "shepherd's crook,"
To guide us back in the fold,
Away from thorns that hook!

Friends who stand beside us,
Through the "thick and thin"
(Confidants to listen
When we cry or "grin.")

And last, but very far from least,
I'd write down on that pad…
Those awesome, precious MENTORS;
Our Mothers and our Dads!

~penned by lynn foust