Vision at Joppa
 (Based on: Acts 10, Acts 11:1-18)

Peter prayed on the roof,
And fell into a trance.
He saw a sheet come lowering
By Spiritual circumstance.
God revealed creeping beasts,
And some flying fowls…
Four-footed animals,
Plus wild ones He had found!
Then the Lord told Peter
To raise in "sacrifice"
All creatures that he witnessed
(And He showed him thrice.)
Peter hesitated…
He did not understand
That he should "preach" to Gentiles
In another land.
It seems their Faith had purged them-
So they were ready for;
Baptism of Contrition
(Reverent to the core!)
Saint Peter went to witness
About Jesus and the Cross…
How He beat the Devil
And showed him who was BOSS!
That day became red letter
In Bible history;
As Gentiles were "converted;"
Fair Holy Ghost RECEIVED!

~penned by lynn foust

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