We Aren't Alone

Every bluebird brings us hope.
Cardinals "reminisce."
The buntings furnish promise,
While hummers exude bliss!
Pigeons are quite cordial.
Chickadees are quiet.
Owls know how to soothe us
On a sleepless night.
Woodpeckers are carpenters.
Wrens like to be close.
Nuthatches can chatter-
But blue-jays do the most!
Roosters like to wake us.
Peacocks strut their stuff.
Water birds are graceful;
Seagulls like the gulf.
Sparrows bring us comfort.
Doves light up our space.
Yellow finches visit,
Then leave without a trace.
The world is full of winged Love,
And that, none can deny;
So if you ever feel alone...
A bird may help you "FLY!"

~penned by lynn foust