What Jesus DID

Jesus stood upon the WORD
When the Devil was absurd.
Then He cleaned the temple out
With displeasure and a shout!
He dipped into the Jordan there
And received that "dove" so fair.
Christ defied all worldly lies
(Surly demon-alibis.)
Our Lord calmed the stormy sea
(And still will - for you and me!)
He healed and cast the evil out-
Teaching what God IS about.
The Holy Savior washed their feet,
When they gathered for to eat.
Jesus died upon a cross
To show Satan who was boss.
God's home was rebuilt with care
Three days after Jesus "bear."
And He cooked a mess of fish
(For each hungry man a dish.)
Then the Master rose above
With a PROMISE of pure Love!

~penned by lynn foust

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