He can make the crooked straight,
And can walk on water.
Plus He is a carpenter,
Fireman, and a potter!
They say He walked right through a door-
Then sat down to supper.
The Master set hearts on fire;
In a room called "Upper!"
Jesus calmed the windy storm,
That brought them to their knees...
And He made a trip to Hell,
To steal the Devil's keys!
Christ fed five thousand men,
Plus women and their children-
From a little lunchbox,
Appeasing weary pilgrims!
Now, I could go on and on,
Really for "forever..."
Describing all the Miracles,
Christ did "howsoever."
But I'll leave it up to you,
To "see" inside your Bibles;
How UNIQUE our LORD is-
(You won't believe your eyeballs!)

~penned by lynn foust

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